New infosec products of the week: June 25, 2021

Splunk Security Cloud helps customers secure and manage multi-cloud deployments

Splunk Security Cloud brings together security operations solutions that help customers get maximum value from their data. With Splunk Security Cloud, teams can secure and manage multi-cloud deployments while remaining agile to adapt to ever-evolving threats.

infosec products June 2021

ThreatConnect 6.2 enhances collaboration between security team members

ThreatConnect 6.2 introduces two new capabilities that further unify the actions of the security team around the most critical risks and support their response with streamlined and automated workflows.

infosec products June 2021

Securonix Open XDR offers threat detection and response across endpoints, networks and the cloud

Securonix Open XDR comes with Securonix Autonomous Threat Sweep (ATS) and empowers customers with threat detection and response capabilities needed to respond swiftly to sophisticated threats across endpoints, networks and hybrid cloud environments.

infosec products June 2021

Synology announces DSM 7.0, enhancing security, system management capabilities

Focusing on enhancing security, system management capabilities, and improving data collaboration, DSM 7.0 is a large step forward. Synology is rolling out both hybrid and cloud-only products for C2, adding a new password manager, directory as a service, cloud backup, and secure file sharing solutions.

infosec products June 2021

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