Bosch provides conferencing and interpretation equipment for high-profile meetings

Congress Rental Network Partner, Smart Choice Audiovisuais, has installed a large Dicentis conferencing and interpretation system at Centro Cultural de Belém, the Portuguese EU Presidency Headquarters in Lisbon.

A total of 70 Dicentis and 50 Dicentis Wireless Discussion devices with touchscreens provide the main input. The solution can be used to deliver in-person meetings at the venue, as well as remote and hybrid meetings to overcome the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The core of the discussion and interpretation system is identical across all three of the rooms – the main plenary hall, a smaller meeting room and a press room – only varying in the number of discussion devices.

“One of the requests from the EU presidency was to have the latest interpretation equipment – the latest models and the most up-to-date technology,” explains Patrícia Barbosa from the marketing department of Smart Choice. “We have always invested a lot in having modern equipment, so we were the best equipped for the job. Added to that, our CEO Manuel Lopes has been involved in all the previous Presidencies that took place in Portugal and Spain and we have a history of delivering big events with complex logistics. We offered quality and trusted service and very good technicians who have the latest Bosch certifications.”

The solution also needed to be able to connect to external streaming platforms to allow remote meetings to include participants that were not able to travel to Portugal. The wired units make up the main systems in the three rooms while the wireless solution adds flexibility when required. In addition to this, simultaneous interpretation is catered for by 20 interpretation booths featuring the ISO 20109 compliant Dicentis Interpreter desks with video output.

With the Dicentis System server acting as the brain of the system, remote participants can be connected into the meeting thanks to the Omneo2Dante Gateway. This Dante gateway allows for audio distribution to various streaming platforms, such as Zoom and WebEx, as well as floor distribution between rooms for socially distanced meetings.

In addition to the on-site equipment, six remote booths have been created to function as an interpretation hub away from the Presidency HQ. Instead of interpreters travelling with delegations to Presidency meetings in different cities, or asking them to use a standard office set up that they could have at home, this hub provides them with high-quality language-feeds with the Dicentis Interpreter desks located at the Smart Choice office buildings. As such, interpretation can continue for meetings away from the Lisbon HQ as if the translators were there in person.

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