GitGuardian now available on GitHub Marketplace

GitGuardian announces availability on the GitHub Marketplace. This allows DevOps, Security, and Developer to implement automated secrets detection and remediation in their git repositories. GitGuardian on GitHub Marketplace makes code security accessible and easy to install.

As of August 11, 2021, GitGuardian had 104k installs on GitHub, as can be seen on the marketplace. The second most installed security application is Snyk, with 47k installs. Both solutions are complementary, and lead the way toward helping Dev, Sec and Ops collaborate to remediate code security issues together.

GitGuardian’s research, that was a result of constant monitoring of every single commit pushed to public GitHub, indicates an alarming growth of 20% year-over-year in the number of secrets found. A growing volume of sensitive data, or secrets, like API keys, private keys, certificates, usernames and passwords end up publicly exposed on GitHub, putting corporate security at risk as the vast majority of organizations are either ignoring the problem or poorly equipped to cope with it.

“On behalf of the entire GitGuardian team, to the 100k developers who have installed GitGuardian, I want to express our gratitude for your trust,” said Jeremy Thomas, CEO of GitGuardian. “We are humbled to be the second most installed third-party app of the whole marketplace, playing alongside giants like Travis (the most installed app overall)”.

With this integration, organizations can:

  • Install GitGuardian on GitHub repositories directly from GitGuardian’s product page on the GitHub Marketplace
  • Configure GitGuardian’s access to GitHub repositories from the dedicated GitHub account page

After installation, the GitGuardian App will automatically scan any new commits pushed to selected repositories for leaked credentials and secrets. It will also run a historical scan on all commits made prior to its installation to detect any past leaks and give users a full overview of their repositories’ health.

GitGuardian for internal repositories monitoring is:

  • Available for free for individual developers or Open Source projects
  • Available for free for teams of 25 developers or less
  • Available immediately
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