Absolute DataExplorer enables IT and security teams to capture critical endpoint data

Absolute Software released Absolute DataExplorer tool, an endpoint data exploration tool, enabling organizations to align Absolute’s expansive, on-demand endpoint telemetry with their evolving business requirements. With the ability to capture critical data points from their endpoint environment, IT and security teams are better equipped to find inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings related to device maintenance; help ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements; and strengthen overall data and device protections.

Absolute DataExplorer

As organizations have embraced remote and hybrid work models, IT and security teams have been tasked with responding to constantly shifting IT support needs, while ensuring widely distributed employees – and their devices – continue to work effectively and securely. The Absolute DataExplorer tool enables administrators to answer key questions about their employees’ endpoints with the ability to expand data capture and reporting beyond what is typically available through standard device and security management tools, without requiring professional services or advanced coding skills.

“Due to the specific nature of many businesses, IT and security teams are often asked to monitor and explore data points that are not readily available with existing SaaS offerings that collect pre-configured data,” said Ameer Karim, EVP of Product Management at Absolute. “With the Absolute DataExplorer tool, we are bridging the gap that typically exists between standardized, static reporting and the constantly changing needs of our customers, enabling them to align the endpoint telemetry that we are uniquely able to provide with their requirements.”

Anchored by its firmware-embedded Persistence capabilities residing in more than 500 million endpoints, Absolute provides an undeletable digital tether to every device – enabling customers to maintain enhanced visibility across their device fleets and reliably monitor critical hardware and software information. Leveraging the Absolute DataExplorer builder tool, Absolute Resilience customers can now create data points tailored to their organization and perform various monitoring tasks at scale. Some use cases include:

  • Understanding the physical characteristics of users’ devices that may hinder productivity, including battery health, memory/disk capacity
  • Checking for bespoke software applications or browser extensions being installed or executed by the user that may impede the user experience or heighten risk exposure
  • Monitoring key device characteristics integral to maintaining security posture, such as what DNS servers are being used and what Wi-Fi settings have been configured
  • Checking for the presence of a specific software/firmware vulnerability or confirming that OS patches have been successfully installed

All Absolute commercial customers also now have access to the Absolute DataExplorer library, where they can choose from a growing number of pre-populated data exploration points created using the builder tool, including some crowd-sourced from customers. The Absolute DataExplorer tool is initially available for Microsoft Windows devices only.

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