Granulate gProfiler provides support to Graviton processors to improve code quality

Granulate announced the latest addition to its gProfiler, which now provides support to Graviton processors. With this new addition to gProfiler, organizations running workloads on ARM-based Graviton instances can enjoy out-of-the-box, system-wide visibility down to the line of code with zero code changes, modifications, or heavy lifting required.

gProfiler is a free, open-source continuous profiling solution that empowers R&D and DevOps teams to measure the performance of code in production applications, optimize computing resources, improve code quality, and save on computing costs – all with simple installation and no code changes. To enable gProfiler to run on ARM processors, the profiler was recompiled to match the specifications and requirements of the ARM architecture.

“Currently, there is no other alternative that supports out-of-the-box, continuous profiling for ARM processors,” said Asaf Ezra, Co-Founder and CEO of Granulate. “Many of our customers using Graviton instances for their mission-critical applications have asked us to add this use-case and we were happy to expand gProfiler’s capabilities to meet the request.”

Granulate’s gProfiler provides several unique benefits for development and software engineers, managing production applications including simple setup with no code changes, low overhead with less than 1% utilization penalty, and wide coverage for Java, Go, Python, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Node.js, Ruby, and PHP.

With no requirement for additional configurations or modifications, users who have been utilizing gProfiler on other types of instances and have migrated to Graviton can continue using the profiler with no changes or R&D involvement.

gProfiler is available as a free open-source package from GitHub and a web-based application offering to investigate the profiling data.

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