Tigera now supports Calico Open Source on Amazon EKS Anywhere

Tigera announced support for Calico Open Source, an open-source technology for container networking and security, on Amazon EKS Anywhere, giving users more freedom of choice.

“This is significant for the many organizations that have standardized on Calico or prefer to use Calico,” said Amit Gupta, vice president of business development and product management, Tigera. “Calico is the most widely adopted Container Network Interface (CNI) and now organizations using or adopting EKS Anywhere have flexibility of choice and can pick the best container networking solution for their needs.”

Powering more than 100 million containers across 1.5 million nodes in 166 countries, Calico is used by thousands of organizations of all sizes including more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies.

With Tigera’s support for Calico on EKS Anywhere, users can benefit from its ubiquity across Kubernetes distributions, cloud or on-premise infrastructure, data planes and workloads, a rich library of learning resources, a vibrant community and a pluggable data plane architecture. Moreover, organizations currently using Calico can now add EKS Anywhere clusters and use the same Calico solution for networking and security across on-premises and cloud platforms.

Calico is the only open-source option with a pluggable data plane architecture enabling support for multiple data planes, including eBPF, standard Linux, and Windows. It has become the standard selection for Kubernetes networking and security including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and self-managed Kubernetes distributions including Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher, VMware Tanzu, and Mirantis.

Calico Open Source has more than 200 contributors across a broad range of companies worldwide. Calico was invented and is maintained by Tigera, the industry leader in container and Kubernetes security and observability.

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