Webinar: How to secure your sensitive data in Elasticsearch

Is your Elasticsearch data protected from hackers and common attacks like search injections? Join data security expert and CEO of IronCore Labs Patrick Walsh on November 4th for a webinar on using application-layer encryption and encrypted search to secure the sensitive data in your search service. Learn how to protect your data in Elasticsearch from ransomware extortion, scraping, and more.

secure sensitive data Elasticsearch

If you have sensitive data in Elasticsearch or OpenSearch, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn about:

  • Common attacks against Elasticsearch, including injection attacks, exploitation of misconfiguration, ransomware extortion and document reassembly
  • Issues with permissioning and segmenting data in Elasticsearch
  • The basics of application-layer encryption and encrypted search
  • The solutions landscape and your options to
  • How to use encrypted search to protect your Elasticsearch index
About the presenter

Patrick Walsh has more than 20 years of experience building security products and enterprise SaaS solutions. Most recently he ran an Engineering division at Oracle, delivering features and business results to the world’s largest companies. Patrick now leads IronCore Labs, a data control and privacy platform that helps businesses gain control of their data and meet increasingly stringent data protection needs.

This webinar is no longer available.



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