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IronCore Labs Cloaked AI protects vector embeddings

IronCore Labs launched Cloaked AI, an SDK that protects vector embeddings with data-in-use encryption. Large language models are shifting the paradigm for how AI products are …

IronCore Labs
Product showcase: Searchable encryption in Elasticsearch and OpenSearch with IronCore Labs

When it comes to sensitive data, search services are the ultimate treasure trove for hackers. Why slowly sift through information when a search service has indexed it all for …

security platform
IronCore Labs Cloaked Search encrypts sensitive data before it goes to the search service

IronCore Labs launched Cloaked Search, a drop-in encrypted search solution to protect sensitive data held in existing search services, and a partnership with OpenSearch, a …

Webinar: How to secure your sensitive data in Elasticsearch

Is your Elasticsearch data protected from hackers and common attacks like search injections? Join data security expert and CEO of IronCore Labs Patrick Walsh on November 4th …

How do I select a data control solution for my business?

Data transparency allows people to know what personal data has been collected, what data an organization wants to collect and how it will be used. Data control provides the …

IronCore Labs announces updates to the Data Control Platform and SaaS Shield

IronCore Labs, the data control and privacy platform, announced several new product features that build on the company’s two core products: the Data Control Platform and …

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