ACI Worldwide and RocketFuel Blockchain provide zero fees cryptocurrency payments

ACI Worldwide announced a partnership with RocketFuel Blockchain, a provider of payment solutions via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ACI Secure eCommerce will offer RocketFuel’s solution via a single integration, enabling merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrency payments—with no processing fees.

ACI Worldwide RocketFuel Blockchain

RocketFuel’s efficient and one-click payment solution offers Bitcoin and more than 50 other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the solution provides bank transfers to merchants and their customers online and in-store using smart devices—both Android and IOS—with QR codes or NFC capabilities.

ACI’s Secure eCommerce solution with RocketFuel integration allows merchants to easily incorporate new payment methods into the mobile checkout, offering smarter payment choices for their customers, who are increasingly making purchases using cryptocurrencies. The single integration will update new cryptocurrencies as RocketFuel adopts them.

RocketFuel’s recently launched “Zero Fees for Life” offer enables merchants to accept dozens of cryptocurrency payment types from customers without paying any processing fees for life. Supported by ACI Secure eCommerce, this initiative provides merchants with a fast and secure payment gateway with zero crypto volatility.

“Cryptocurrency will revolutionize eCommerce and in-store shopping as consumer adoption continues its ascent, and more merchants worldwide recognize the significant benefits of this payment type,” said Peter Jensen, CEO, RocketFuel. “We are excited to partner with payments leader ACI Worldwide to spur more choice for merchants and their customers. RocketFuel’s ‘Zero Fees for Life’ pricing model makes this an attractive alternative to other traditional methods of payments that include a fee for merchants.”

“ACI Worldwide continues to innovate to stay ahead of the curve on behalf of our merchants and their customers,” said Debbie Guerra, head of the merchant segment, ACI Worldwide. “ACI’s Secure eCommerce solution, now with RocketFuel’s cryptocurrency payment platform, will enable merchants to attract new customers, drive conversion, increase retention, reduce costs, and further alleviate fraud. It is a win-win all around.”

ACI Secure eCommerce is a holistic platform that combines a powerful payments gateway, sophisticated real-time fraud prevention capabilities and advanced business intelligence tools. It provides merchants with access to an extensive global payments network and the confidence that their customers and transactions are protected against fraud.

ACI Secure eCommerce was recently recognized by Juniper Research, winning three awards for innovation in payments, including a Platinum Award – the highest accolade in the category of “Payments Innovation of the Year.” In addition, ACI’s fraud management solution recently received full approval on the patent for its incremental learning technology.

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