Kinetic Business Managed Network Security detects and mitigates real-time network attacks

Because businesses are at continually higher risk from complex and constantly changing security threats, Kinetic Business released Managed Network Security, a service to keep businesses and networks protected.

Kinetic Business Managed Network Security

“Businesses need to be able to protect their network against attacks to prevent downtime and revenue losses,” said Mark Lederman, vice president of Kinetic Product Management.

Kinetic Business Managed Network Security unifies stand-alone network security services, such as firewall, content filtering and intrusion prevention and detection, into one robust network security and threat management solution. The service is offered as an on-premises or cloud-based firewall service.

Managed Network Security helps customers reduce risk and costs and improve internal efficiencies, while benefitting from leading security protection and expertise.

Through a future proof fiber-backed network, Kinetic Business offers a strong network and security portfolio for customers ranging from small shops to enterprise size, including: DDoS Mitigation, Managed Router, SD-WAN, Enhanced LAN & Wi-Fi.

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