Jetico BCWipe Total WipeOut 5 offers an enhanced overview of all wiping operations

Jetico released BCWipe Total WipeOut 5 to wipe drives, now supporting secure boot, Mac & NVMe devices.

Jetico BCWipe Total WipeOut 5

“Beyond the ADISA certification to wipe SSD, BCWipe Total WipeOut is now even more secure and versatile.” explains Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman. “For our customers seeking IT asset disposal solutions, we are thrilled to extend our offering to erase more devices than ever.”

With secure boot added to BCWipe Total WipeOut, pre-boot wiping modules are now securely signed. This new feature provides seamless integration with Windows and saves time during reload as there is no need to turn off Secure Signing Verification before wiping. Additionally, BCWipe Total WipeOut supports modern NVMe devices without slowing down performance.

Mac-client support in BCWipe Total WipeOut expands the range of operating systems so admins can effectively manage wiping of Mac computers. All Mac users can now wipe entire hard drives, including M1 systems and models with the T2 security chip.

Interface improvements to the web-console and configuration Wizard offer an easier, more pleasant user experience. The design of the new streamlined interface makes BCWipe Total WipeOut more user friendly to perform wiping tasks faster. Enterprise users will appreciate the new dashboard for an enhanced overview of all wiping operations.

Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for sanitization of magnetic, SSD and hybrid storage devices, BCWipe Total WipeOut achieves security compliance with enhanced reporting.

Highlights of BCWipe Total WipeOut

  • Streamlined interface in web-console and configuration Wizard
  • Enhanced wiping reports with new added hardware diagnostics
  • Partial verification for wiping activities
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