Product showcase: SharePass – Secure communication made simple

We all know the numbers. Data breaches are up 30% year over year, ransomware runs rampant without showing any signs of slowing, and identity theft reports have doubled to nearly 1.5 million per year. The recent 2021 attacks have demonstrated that our digital supply chains are layered with vulnerabilities and that the largest enterprises and governments are as susceptible as the rest of us.

And yet, over 98% of all communications are still sent over non-secure channels, 42% of organizations rely on sticky notes to manage passwords, and 82% of people use the same password across multiple sites.

Simply put, cybersecurity is no longer a purely technological challenge. Increasingly, it has become a human-centred issue that mainstream solutions are not adapted to deal with.

For example, GPG encryption has been around for decades but remains rarely adopted. Password managers are perhaps better known but just as frequently ignored. While cloud providers have helped companies adopt secure data storage protocols, this does little to protect data in transit. Finally, ownership and availability remain an open question as well.

Existing data security solutions are too complicated to adopt, too targeted to use, and poorly integrated. In an ideal world, we’d all be communicating securely, but in the real world, simplicity and speed win out time and time again.

Until SharePass.

SharePass makes confidential information sharing secure, easy and accessible.

Easy, accessible and intuitive

With SharePass, secure communication has never been more intuitive. Our engineers worked hand-in-hand with business users and UX experts to build a digital pipeline that gives a new meaning to ‘turnkey’. Now, both enterprise and individual users can instantly upgrade all of their communications to the highest security protocols with just the click of a button.


This process works by converting confidential parts of your email, credentials, or code snippets into an encrypted message. Just right-click the information you’d like to share, select ‘SharePass’, and an E2EE link is generated. Send the link to whomever and however you’d like, over any communications channel, and you’re done! Once the recipient clicks the link, the message is decrypted, and the link expires based on your settings, erasing any digital footprint. SharePass allows users to seamlessly integrate secure communication into their current workflow and enjoy the best of both worlds: secure and effortless communication.

Alternatively, users can choose to generate their E2EE link by copy-pasting their information into the SharePass portal, mobile app, or browser extension. Try it here for free!

SharePass is optimized for notes, credentials, JSON files, QR codes, messages, and more to support all of your data transfer needs.

As tough as Fort Knox

SharePass follows the concept – “Security by design”. Each data transfer undergoes 8 rigorous checks before being made accessible to the recipient, providing users with the highest level of security available on the market. Unlike other services, SharePass uses a patent-pending security funnel system to ensure that secrets are unbreakable, even by us.


For maximum security, links automatically expire once clicked, and authentication codes, time-to-live, authorized IP ranges, and scheduled secrets can all be set on-demand. For increased flexibility, secrets can be manually locked and unlocked as needed.

Moreover, SharePass has partnered with a leading cybersecurity firm to perform advanced security testing and strategic advisory services, ensuring that our users leverage the latest security industry standards and practices.


Your data, your choice

We firmly believe that your data belongs to you.

SharePass offers a portal for subscribed users where all your confidential data can be managed, even once delivered. It allows you to track exactly how your data is being handled.

With SharePass, you can go back in time and lock, delete, or edit your data permissions at any time, from any place or device.


Special features

Our enterprise “SharePass One” customers can also enjoy a suite of additional features, including:

  • API Integration: Let SharePass come to you. Our solution supports integration into your business software.
  • Webhooks: Handle events using SharePass.
  • SSO: Use your existing cloud identity provider
  • Dedicated instance: have your instance of SharePass to meet your compliance needs. You can host it in your prefered region
  • Security keys integration: take your security and identity verification to the next level by implementing physical NFC\U2F\BIO keys

“With SharePass, we returned to basics,” said Yuri Miloslavsky, Founder and CEO of SharePass. “Through consultation with our clients, partners, and industry experts, we learned that there’s a real need for a secure, modern, and highly usable information sharing solution”.

Don’t risk it, SharePass it!

Click here to learn more about SharePass or sign up for a free trial.

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