Mark Cundy joins Keyavi Data as VP of Engineering

Keyavi Data announced that Mark Cundy has joined the company as vice president of engineering.

Keyavi Data Mark Cundy

He brings 27 years of experience producing high-quality software solutions and leading technology innovation at global brands such as Starbucks, AT&T and British Telecom.

At Keyavi, Cundy is responsible for managing the company’s software development, quality assurance and product deployment teams and initiatives. He also contributes to the company’s technical roadmap and helps ensure that the vision for enhancing Keyavi’s already paradigm-shifting data security solution expands through excellence in execution.

“Mark is a software engineering leader of the highest caliber,” said Elliot Lewis, Keyavi’s CEO. “He has a passion for building best-in-class software systems, growing high-performing teams and delivering exceptional products and services for some of the biggest enterprises in the world. Having run his own consulting company, Mark also has an entrepreneurial agility and business mindset that make him a perfect fit for our growth trajectory. We’re delighted to have him join our executive ranks.”

Shai Guday, chief product officer, added, “Mark is a champion of agile transformation initiatives who knows what it takes to lead highly engaged teams at hyperspeed and develop software applications that customers love. He’s a master at accelerating time-to-market for products that drive business value and revenue. His talents and executive focus will be great assets as our company continues building and scaling disruptive data security solutions.”

In 2020, Keyavi unveiled breakthrough technology that embeds actual data with intelligence so that it automatically thinks and protects itself wherever it travels inside or outside a company’s security perimeter. Multilayered security is infused into every piece of data – at the data level – so that no single layer can be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms in the surrounding layers. Data embedded with Keyavi’s patented technology knows where it’s supposed to be and where it isn’t, when it should open or stay locked down, and to report back to its owner in near-real time who has it and what device it’s on.

The company recently released an enhanced 2.0 product suite with new, single sign-on and account management capabilities that enable global enterprises to share and manage their data with employees and third parties seamlessly and securely on any device, anywhere, at any time. As a result, enterprises can quickly and securely authenticate user identities and grant or change policy permissions for access to business data on the fly.

“Keyavi’s jaw-dropping tech and vision for solving fundamental human data security challenges are truly inspiring,” said Cundy. “So is being part of a transparent culture where ideas are shared cross-functionally with experts at the tops of their fields. I’m thrilled to be part of a company that’s changing the way the world thinks about data security.”

During his formidable career, Cundy has designed and overseen the implementation of software and mobile deployments at global enterprises, small startups and for clients at his own consultancy who needed help migrating to the cloud. He has also led organizations through large-scale digital transformations.

Cundy began his career with GTE (now Verizon) as a software engineer and later became global leader of computer telephony integration systems. He transitioned to British Telecom in 1995 as chief architect and group manager in voice solutions design.

In 2007, while serving as director of quality assurance and lifecycle management at Cingular Wireless, Cundy was at the forefront of developing, testing and launching v1.0 of the Apple iPhone and iOs apps.

Over the next eight years, he executed the technology vision and strategy for AT&T’s third-party API platform and developer ecosystem, pivoting to open source, cloud and Service-Oriented Architecture so that software components would be reusable and interoperable.

Cundy joined Starbucks in 2016, helping lead the redesign of the company’s mobile order and pay, loyalty/rewards and payment programs with a new digital experience for some 15 million customers. As part of this two-year initiative, he also led the software development for key revenue-generating services at Starbucks’ retail stores and scaled its loyalty program and stored value/payment system, including migrating the new infrastructure and applications to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Most recently, Cundy served as VP of software engineering at Allstate Identity Protection, where he led all phases of software development for the company’s flagship Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) microservices platform.

He also founded Leveragility, a solutions partner and strategic differentiator for modernizing software applications to enable digital workflows and business models and re-hosting cloud services to significantly reduce operational costs and time-to-market.

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