Celonis acquires Process Analytics Factory to strengthen its process mining offering

Celonis announced the acquisition of Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a provider of process mining insights for Microsoft Power BI.

Celonis Process Analytics Factory

This acquisition will enable millions of Microsoft Power Platform users to utilize Celonis’ market leading Execution Management System (EMS) for process mining, automation, and collaboration.

The acquisition of PAF is part of Celonis’ strategy to enable companies everywhere and in all industries to use process mining within the Celonis EMS to reveal and fix process inefficiencies. Celonis is committed to empowering users of the top automation, collaboration, and workflow platforms to run their businesses using Celonis’ unique process insights and intelligent, targeted actions.

The PAFnow process mining product is completely integrated into Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office 365 for the analysis, visualization and optimization of almost any process. 97 percent of the Fortune 500, and over 260,000 companies globally, use Microsoft Power BI.

The Celonis EMS combines, in one integrated cloud platform, real-time data, process intelligence, and targeted action to impact top, bottom, and greenline business performance at speed. Customers looking to get full clarity on how their business processes are running – whether across supply chains, shared service centers, or system landscapes – can now benefit from the unique and advanced capabilities of the Celonis EMS within their familiar Microsoft environments.

Maximilian Gerbert, project lead at Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting, said: “We – the Digital Accelerator of Mercedes-Benz – are a data-driven department with a business intelligence strategy built over years, but once we brought process mining into our BI infrastructure we were able to see the full picture and identify process inefficiencies throughout our company that we never could before. When supply chain issues come up, we use insights from process mining within BI to pinpoint the bottlenecks and take action to fix them — before they impact our cash flow and our customer experience. We are excited by the news of the Celonis acquisition and the ability to leverage the powerful capabilities of the Celonis EMS within our Microsoft environment.”

“It’s great to see Celonis and PAF join forces,” said Linus Linder, Head of IT at Muller – Die lila Logistik Service GmbH. “Now we can benefit from the real-time data, process intelligence, and targeted action in the Celonis EMS within our familiar Microsoft Power BI environment.”

The rapid adoption of the Celonis EMS comes on the heels of a generational shift to use process insights and intelligence to change how businesses are run.

According to Gartner® the market for hyper-automation software will reach nearly $860 billion by 20251. But many businesses do not maximize the value of their digital investments because they lack insight into outdated processes holding back business operations. According to a Forrester report commissioned by Celonis, process mining has hit an inflection point in 2022 as decision makers demand better execution by finding and fixing process inefficiencies.

“Since we started 11 years ago, the Celonis mission has always been the same – to help our customers reach the full potential of their business performance by removing process inefficiencies – and that requires Celonis to be everywhere,” said Alex Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis. “The PAF acquisition enables the millions of users of the Microsoft Power Platform to use Celonis’ unique data and intelligent insights to power analytics, automation, and collaboration.”

“This combination leverages the strength of Celonis market leadership with the foundation that PAF has created in the Microsoft Power Platform. This allows our companies to build the bridge between the Microsoft Power Platform and the Celonis Execution Management System,” said Tobias Rother, CEO and founder of PAF. “We are thrilled to help put Celonis into the hands of such a large and fast-growing community of business leaders.”

“In our inaugural HFS SaaS XXV 2022 report we ranked Celonis as the top private SaaS company in Overall Rank, Business Value Creation, Partner Engagement, and OneOffice Alignment,” said Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of HFS Research. “The acquisition of PAF demonstrates why Celonis is ranked alongside Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Adobe, and Google for shaping the future of native automation, data, and process design. Celonis is strategically moving its unique process data and intelligent insights into the world’s largest work, automation, and analytics platforms.”

“The purpose of process mining is to gain a fact-based understanding of business process variance and inefficiency to systematically improve processes to maximize performance while aligning with the overall goals of a business. Embedding process mining into common analytics platforms makes it easier for teams to work together using familiar tools,” said Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for the IDC Intelligent Process Automation Market Research and Advisory Service.

The PAFnow software capabilities will debut in Celonis Experiences at Celonis World Tour 2022. Celonis Experiences will showcase how customers can seamlessly integrate Celonis EMS with Microsoft Power BI reporting, collaborate with Microsoft Teams, and trigger flows in Microsoft Power Automate.

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