Quintessential Brands selects Cyren Inbox Security to improve their email security

Cyren announced Quintessential Brands has adopted Cyren Inbox Security to reduce the cybersecurity risks associated with the most common attack vector – email.

Cyren Quintessential Brands

With heritage dating back to 1761, Quintessential Brands Group is an independent international spirits business, with an exciting and diverse portfolio of premium brands and world-class production capabilities. Quintessential Brands has an award-winning portfolio of premium brands with presence in international markets around the world. Their four manufacturing plants produce in excess of 5 million bottles of spirits a month.

As Quintessential Brands’ business has grown, so has its attack surface with email remaining as the most prominent attack vector. For the IT team, who have continually sought to improve their management of email-borne threats, its current set-up which relied on the security capabilities within its Microsoft Office 365 E3 subscription was not robust enough. Despite investments into email gateways and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, targeted phishing and impostor emails continued to arrive in users’ mailboxes, with the responsibility of identifying and reporting malicious messages falling on the employees to forward to the stretched IT team.

By selecting Cyren Inbox Security, Quintessential Brands found a solution that could easily integrate with and protect its Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment, offered a managed incident response capability, while encouraging users to take a proactive and engaged approach to email security by being able to spot threats and check their authenticity in real-time at the click of a button.

Ian Wells, Group IT Operations Manager at Quintessential Brands says, “Cyren Inbox Security was a natural progression in improving our ability to manage the risks associated with malicious emails. We are now in a position where we are confident that the solution catches threats that get past our other security layers, automatically removing them from our users’ mailboxes. What’s more, Cyren Inbox Security provides our users with simple tools to scan suspicious messages and report them to Cyren’s security operations center for investigation. This approach means our own IT team no longer has to respond to alerts.”

“The hidden costs of perpetual email attacks are the countless hours it takes cybersecurity analysts to investigate a high number of often low-quality alerts,” said Lior Kohavi, Chief Strategy Officer & EVP Advanced Solutions at Cyren. “Cyren Inbox Security eliminates this cost by combining continuous detection, automated remediation, and expert incident response services for an optimized and layered solution to the nagging issues of targeted phishing, impostor attempts, and ransomware.

While all industries are the target of email attacks, manufacturers are a favored target because their supply chain relationships and distributed nature provide a large attack surface for social engineering attempts. Managing phishing risks across this attack surface requires more time with each passing year, exhausting cybersecurity staff and slowing progress on other initiatives. Cyren Inbox Security is an out-of-the-box solution to manage these risks in a more cost-effective way.

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