Binarly collaborates with immune to secure modern computer infrastructure

Binarly and immune have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver the most comprehensive device security solution to protect customers against hardware, firmware and software supply chain weaknesses.

The partnership, which integrates Binarly’s AI-powered SaaS analysis platform with immune’s supply chain protection and device attestation, brings together decades of expertise to provide a joint solution performing in-depth inspection of firmware and hardware to ensure the device isn’t tampered with before an endpoint security solution is trusted before launched by the operating system.

The combined solution detects known and unknown threats in multiple firmware components across devices. In addition, the solution can find known and unknown vulnerabilities that can influence the boot process or compromise the firmware trust by leveraging machine-learning, advanced binary code analysis and existing hardware-assisted security like a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

So far this year, Binarly has coordinated the disclosure of 42 critical firmware security vulnerabilities affecting the entire enterprise device ecosystem. The company worked with security response teams at Insyde, AMI, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Intel, AMD and many other vendors to mitigate serious security issues across the computing landscape.

Many of these vulnerabilities demonstrate the complexities of the firmware supply chain that negatively disrupt the timeline for patch delivery and identification of impacted parties. For industries like critical infrastructure (ICS) and large enterprise environments, there is a need for a comprehensive solution that can help to solve those problems.

“With the growth in complexity of the latest cyber-attacks focused on firmware, baseline solutions available on the market are becoming ineffective against such attacks,” said Alex Matrosov, CEO and co-founder of Binarly. “With this partnership, we are bringing a comprehensive solution to protect customers from all types of threats below the operating system. We are excited to partner with immune to deliver a next-generation solution to the industry.”

Binarly customers will now be able to incorporate immune’s Trusted Computing-based threat detection and protection of the boot process to enhance deep-code, AI-powered firmware analysis capabilities.

“With the integration of security modules like the TPM 2.0 into standard devices, it’s time to tackle upcoming threats with hardware security based technology,” said Philipp Deppenwiese, CEO and co-founder of immune GmbH.

“We are impressed with Binarly’s unique approach to solving a very complex problem and are proud to be working with them to secure modern computer infrastructure,” Deppenwiese added.

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