Erez Naveh joins Bright Data as VP of Product

Bright Data has announced the appointment of Erez Naveh as its VP of Product. In his new role, Naveh will lead the company’s extensive product innovation team as it continues to serve the company’s customers and partners with products for enriched, reliable and quality-focused web data solutions.

As a product-led company, Bright Data continues to invest heavily in meeting the data requirements of its 15,000+ customers and driving forward unprecedented products that address every sector or industry. Naveh’s appointment is the latest step in this start-up’s journey.

In his previous role at Meta (formerly Facebook), Naveh served as product lead of the Research Platform team, a suite of data and research products, developed from their Tel Aviv offices. During his time there, Naveh, in his own words, served as an Entrepreneur PM (product manager) focused on innovation, launching new crowdsource research products to the market. Prior to working at Meta, Naveh’s rich experience included founding and leading a successful social games start-up.

“Bright Data takes pride in being an innovation-first company championing a product-entrepreneurship strategy. Our products have always been at the center of our continuous success, and our multiple registered patents illustrate this approach. With web data advancing at its current rapid pace, tech advancement is key to leading this market and addressing and anticipating our customers’ data challenges,” said Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner.

“With Erez Naveh’s comprehensive and impressive track record, he will continue the company’s long-standing ‘industry-first mission’ and expand it to new futuristic data-driven directions. I firmly believe that Naveh will take our product suite much further and make a true difference in our company, the data domain, and across markets and industries,” concluded Lenchner.

“I’m excited to join such an exponentially growing domain and company,” said Erez Naveh. “Democratizing structured web data is at the core of what we do. It’s clear that the next phase of evolution for data collection products entails no-code, quality-driven and fully enriched products tailored to address every possible customer and market need. Web data was designed to reduce barriers and allow openly free and honest market competition. Our role is to make this long-lasting vision and goal a reality.”

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