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Organizations security: Highlighting the importance of compliant data

Protecting an organization’s digital infrastructure is certainly no easy task. From cloud assets to online devices, customers and websites, to servers, the list goes on and …

Bright Data expands leadership team to advance its strategic goals

Bright Data has announced an expansion of its core leadership team to advance its strategic goals and further the company’s momentum within the market. These newly created and …

Erez Naveh joins Bright Data as VP of Product

Bright Data has announced the appointment of Erez Naveh as its VP of Product. In his new role, Naveh will lead the company’s extensive product innovation team as it …

The importance of data in the metaverse

A research from Bright Data has highlighted the importance of data in virtual environments such as the metaverse. The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne, generated insights …

BrightVPN allows users to protect their IP from being tracked for commercial reason

Bright Data released BrightVPN, disrupting the traditional VPN market by offering the same features as subscription-based VPNs while remaining 100% free to users. As a result, …

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