Armis partners with Torq to offer a module for security automation and threat response workflows

Armis announced Armis Enterprise Workflow Automation (EWA), a new module for security automation and threat response workflows, in partnership with Torq, a no-code automation platform for security teams.

The module provides security teams with a seamless experience to build extremely powerful workflows, and to replace manual processes with an orchestrated response to events.

The Armis EWA module allows security teams to automate any remediation or workflow, involving literally any IT or cyber tool, without requiring any professional services or coding. A rich library of integrations allows any security professional to build event-triggered workflows, no matter how simple or complex the process, and no matter how many tools are involved. Consequently, all of the underlying asset intelligence and threat prioritization can be fully realized, and put into action without the complexity of coding and testing new integrations.

“Digital transformation has accelerated the adoption of new assets and technologies, creating an extended attack surface that organizations are struggling to effectively manage and control. We are excited to offer our customers a full platform that combines unprecedented visibility into assets, contextual intelligence into the vulnerabilities and threats that put these assets and operations at risk, and automated workflows that can orchestrate the response to detected threats,” said Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer at Armis.

The Armis Asset Intelligence Platform enables enterprises to see and control their full cyber asset attack surface. By providing complete asset discovery, real time cyber vulnerability and threat intelligence, and highlighting critical assets that should be prioritized, Armis enables enterprises to quickly hone in on the assets that put their operations at risk, prioritize mitigation efforts to better manage their attack surface, and improve their overall risk posture.

Armis EWA enables organizations to:

  • Maximize their investment in IT and Security tools
  • Enable every security practitioner to replace daunting manual processes with automated workflows
  • Create complex workflows that leverage new integrations without coding
  • Respond faster to threats and operational events
  • Deliver better protection to the organization

“The goal of the cybersecurity industry is to prevent threats from affecting the critical digital infrastructure our businesses rely upon. The powerful combination between highly detailed contextual intelligence collected by the Armis Asset Intelligence Platform and flexible no-code automation provided by Torq gives security practitioners uniquely high accuracy when building automated remediation of vulnerabilities and threats,” said Eldad Livni, Chief Innovation Officer at Torq.

Armis Enterprise Workflow Automation (EWA), in partnership with Torq, provides the security team a seamless experience to build extremely powerful workflows and replaces manual processes with an orchestrated response to events.

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