Seclore partners with TD SYNNEX to help organizations solve their data protection challenges

Seclore announced a new partnership with TD SYNNEX, a global IT distributor and solutions aggregator formed through the merger of Tech Data and Synnex.

This partnership enables enterprises to access complete solutions to solve their data protection challenges.

“Seclore has been innovating data-centric security for many years. Starting a partnership with TD Synnex for North America will be a critical step to educate the market on the impressive data protection capabilities Seclore provides,” says Keith Mozena, VP Partner & Channel Sales at Seclore.

This partnership goes beyond “one-time labeling and access policy.” The joint solution provides real-time tracking and visibility of both authorized and unauthorized activity on the data so the enterprise can learn, identify suspicious behavior, evolve data security policies, take immediate action on security permissions, and even complete removal to prevent data loss.

“TD SYNNEX is committed to uniting IT solutions that deliver business outcomes today and unlock growth for the future,” Cheryl Neal, Vice President of New Vendor Acquisition. “With Seclore added to our vast portfolio of vendor partners, we’re able to enrich the breadth and depth of our offerings so customers can do great things with technology.”

Seclore and TD SYNNEX provide the complete data security solution by protecting sensitive data wherever it goes – any device, any cloud, anywhere in or across your business ecosystem. For example, combining Seclore with collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft 365, addresses the enterprise’s most challenging data security problems, controlling and protecting unstructured data used and shared across the enterprise, external partners, and customers.

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