Pixalate’s free MRT for Slack increases access to fraud and privacy compliance risk data

Pixalate released the Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) app for Slack, which is available in the Slack App Directory.

Pixalate MRT Slack

The new app brings ad fraud data straight to Slack as part of Pixalate’s mission to democratize access to ad fraud, privacy, and compliance insights. Pixalate’s MRT delivers ad fraud, privacy and compliance ratings and insights across websites and mobile and CTV apps across the Google, Apple, Amazon, and Roku app stores.

“The MRT for Slack is our latest addition to increase accessibility of key data points around ad fraud and privacy compliance in the advertising supply chain,” said Jason Dias, Pixalate’s VP of Engineering. “Bringing MRT data points into everyday conversations in Slack makes identifying, following, and troubleshooting issues easier for all types of teams.”

The MRT for Slack release is another move by Pixalate to increase transparency and access to fraud and privacy compliance risk data in the ad tech space. This follows Pixalate’s recent releases of the Ad Trust & Safety API Suite and COPPA Compliance Technology to identify likely child-directed mobile apps across the Google and Apple app stores.

About the Media Ratings Terminal for Slack

The app integrates directly within a user’s Slack workspace, allowing them to use a simple search command for any app title or ID, or website address. It also features a summary Home tab for the user’s MRT Watchlist, giving an instant view of data points for apps and websites they have selected to follow, and allows them to customize their lists with the “Follow” or “Unfollow” buttons within the Slack app. Additionally, the app integrates with conversations around the MRT and unfurls links in a channel to provide key data points if available. This gives ad buyers, publishers, privacy regulators, and others instant access to monitor apps and domains.

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