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Pixalate iCloud Private Relay helps users measure their exposure to iCPR traffic

Pixalate has released new iCloud Private Relay (iCPR) IVT detection features in the Pixalate Analytics dashboard to help clients measure their exposure to iCPR traffic. …

Pixalate’s free MRT for Slack increases access to fraud and privacy compliance risk data

Pixalate released the Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) app for Slack, which is available in the Slack App Directory. The new app brings ad fraud data straight to Slack as part of …

Kids online
Still too many parents don’t monitor their children’s online activity

Pixalate announced the results of a Harris Poll survey examining American parents’ views about about online privacy concerning their children. The survey found that 48% …

Pixalate raises $18.1M to accelerate global expansion and media ratings platform

Pixalate announces $18.1 million of additional growth capital bringing the total investment to $22.7 million to date. Pixalate empowers organizations to navigate the …

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