BigID unveils automated end-to-end remediation capabilities for sensitive file access in the cloud

At Black Hat USA 2022, BigID announced new capabilities to reduce risk by making it easy to lock down access to sensitive data in cloud file repositories like M365, Google Workspace and AWS S3.

Building on its existing data access intelligence and remediation capabilities in the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, BigID now adds full automated end-to-end remediation to ensure cloud data risk from open and over-privileged file access is quickly closed, preventing insider threats, data leaks and dangerous breaches.

According to a recent data security survey, only 8% of organizations are confident in their ability to find all sensitive, critical, or high-risk data across their environment – and it’s critical that organizations know who can access their most sensitive data.

With BigID, organizations can easily:

  • Find and classify their sensitive structured and unstructured data automatically – wherever it lives in the cloud or data center
  • Deploy and tune modern ML-based classification
  • Detect data changes automatically
  • Identify cloud data risk posture from excessive privileges, open access, duplication and more
  • Gain insight into who has access sensitive data – and now automatically revoke access based on how risky it is
  • Proactively drive a data-centric security strategy with data retention and remediation workflows
  • Prevent insider threats, data leaks and breaches

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