1Kosmos and Simeio join forces to provide customers with passwordless MFA and verified identity

1Kosmos and Simeio have joined forces to help customers transition from passwords to identity-based verification using the 1Kosmos BlockID platform.

For organizations looking to implement identity and access management (IAM) capabilities including passwordless and Zero Trust access, Simeio will provide end-to-end plan, build, run and refresh services for deploying the BlockID platform.

The 1Kosmos platform combines digital identity proofing with biometrics and passwordless authentication while storing user data encrypted in a distributed ledger.

“Simeio continuously aims at scaling efforts to secure our clients in this day where hacks are sophisticated. Supporting our clients to transition from legacy passwords to passwordless authentication is one way to help achieve that goal,” said Chris Schueler, CEO, Simeio.

“We believe that 1Kosmos will be an excellent partner to enhance that effort through their platform BlockID, with its added security and trust that comes with blockchain technology.”, Schueler continued.

“Simeio is a global leader in solving customers identity challenges and providing managed services for multi-vendor environments,” said Hemen Vimadalal, CEO of 1Kosmos.

“Together we will make passwordless, MFA and identity verification accessible to any size organization even if they lack in-house identity management expertise.”, said Vimadalal.

1Kosmos BlockID is a distributed identity cloud service that integrates identity proofing, verification and live biometrics authentication. It enables organizations to provide workers, customers and partners with a passwordless login experience that protects against identity impersonation, account takeovers, and transaction fraud.

Government agencies can modernize IAM with identity-based authentication, advanced MFA and give residents a verified digital identity they control and use to access government services. Meanwhile, financial institutions, healthcare providers and other regulated enterprises can verify and onboard customers in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and similar mandates with BlockID.

Typical enterprise IAM environments are a hodgepodge of legacy systems, on-premise solutions from multiple vendors and cloud-based components. Simeio makes all of these technologies work together through design and implementation services that span access governance, identity and risk management, predictive analytics, managed services, system and technology integration and more.

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