Cloud Range RightTrak Cyber Aptitude Assessment improves cybersecurity hiring process

Cloud Range has introduced a cognitive assessment to help security and HR leaders optimize the cybersecurity hiring process and make the right hiring choice.

The Cloud Range RightTrak Cyber Aptitude Assessment is a metric-based assessment with different cognitive components that identify an individual’s cognitive aptitude for a career in cybersecurity. It matches their innate talents and abilities with their optimal cyber work role.

“Unfortunately, security leaders and HR professionals are challenged by finding the right cybersecurity talent, which leads to them having to grow their own. Cyber roles are not one-size-fits-all. For example, a SOC analyst and a pen tester use very different parts of the brain,” said Cloud Range CEO Debbie Gordon.

“The Cloud Range RightTrak Cyber Aptitude Assessment has 97% accuracy in predicting job performance, which helps security leaders and HR make the best hiring decisions.”, Gordon continued.

There is a cybersecurity workforce gap of more than 2.72 million positions, according to the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study. ISACA found that 63% of organizations have unfilled cybersecurity position. Organizations are working to quickly fill cybersecurity roles – both by hiring new employees or transitioning current employees from IT or other departments.

In its 2021 Global Security and Risk Management Governance Survey, Gartner found that most organizations cited “not being able to find the required skills, competence or experience” as the reasons why organizations are struggling to hire cybersecurity professionals.

However, “organizations facing this challenge can no longer justify using the ‘shortage’ as an excuse in the struggle to find talent. While Gartner reports validate a skills shortage, there are many alternative mechanisms to fill this gap,” write Richard Addiscott, senior director analyst at Gartner, and Sam Olyaei, vice president and team manager at Gartner.

“Leaders that continue to focus on hiring should consider shifting to a competency-based assessment of emerging security leadership candidates rather than focusing purely on skills and/or experience.”, added Addiscott and Olyaei.

RightTrak’s results provide a thorough evaluation of a job candidate’s abilities with personalized insights. The final metric-based report also includes scores that predict how the individual will succeed in different areas of cybersecurity such as ethical hacking, cyber defense, development and design, and analysis and forensics.

Because RightTrak is looking at cognitive abilities rather than cybersecurity knowledge or skills, it is user-friendly and accessible to all age ranges and experience levels.

The assessment is for organizations hiring new cyber professionals, transitioning employees from IT/tech roles to cybersecurity, or outlining training programs and career tracks for cybersecurity team members.

RightTrak Cyber Aptitude Assessments will also benefit state workforce development programs, higher education institutions, and other organizations that want to help create a strong cyber workforce.

RightTrak Cyber Aptitude Assessments support Cloud Range’s commitment to closing the cyber skills gap and improving cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and capabilities throughout the Cyber Learner Lifecycle.

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