VerSprite adopts Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform to help clients identify specific threats

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR, and VerSprite announced that VerSprite has adopted Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform as the core of its managed security service offering.

VerSprite’s unique value is in developing customized, contextual threat models for each client in a number of vertical markets, including Healthcare, FinTech, Information Services, and Retail. The Stellar Cyber platform is ideal for VerSprite’s managed security service because it features built-in multitenancy, integrates with any EDR, and has customizable playbooks that identify and respond to each client’s security threats.

“The reason our clients come to us is that we provide an understanding of everything in their security environment, and we build an organizational threat model that’s contextual to their specific business,” said Tony UcedaVélez, CEO of VerSprite. “We looked at several different SOC platforms that could implement a secure environment based on our threat modeling, and Stellar Cyber’s platform stood head and shoulders above the rest.”

UcedaVélez is a co-creator of the Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis (PASTA) methodology that is behind VerSprite’s threat modeling process. PASTA has been endorsed by organizations as diverse as Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft.

“Each end customer’s environment is different, and it’s critical to understand the context and shape of evolving threats,” said Stephan Tallent, vice president for global service providers at Stellar Cyber. “VerSprite has a unique perspective on the threat landscape, and our Open XDR platform enables them to implement their vision in the SOC.”

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