Akuity Platform helps DevOps manage and scale Kubernetes application delivery

Akuity.io has released the Akuity Platform, a fully-managed SaaS service for simpler, safer and faster Kubernetes application delivery, using Argo. Kubernetes, Argo and GitOps are essential to application delivery, though operational complexities remain a challenge.

The new Akuity Platform is built on Argo, and employs an agent-based hybrid architecture to provide better insights into Kubernetes-based infrastructure, strengthen cluster security, improve scalability and realize significant cost savings.

Akuity co-founders Hong Wang (CEO), Jesse Suen (CTO), and Alexander Matyushentsev (Chief Architect) are co-creators of the Argo project, and bring that deep experience to Akuity’s product development. Argo is an open source suite of tools for Kubernetes application delivery, used in production by Google, Tesla, NVIDIA, GitHub, Adobe, IBM and Red Hat, among others.

“Platform teams are often unable to invest in building custom bespoke tooling for deploying applications and services on Kubernetes, and they’re hesitant to dedicate engineers to manage and operate third party solutions,” commented Hong Wang, CEO & co-founder of Akuity.

“We created the Akuity Platform to empower teams to more effectively manage & scale their applications delivery, but with the guardrails to ensure they do not compromise their Kubernetes cluster.”, Wang continued.

Customers recognize and value Akuity’s expertise with Argo. “We chose Akuity because it has the founding team of Argo, which gives us confidence that Akuity understands how a large variety of customers use Argo,” noted Jonah Back, Distinguished Engineer at LegalZoom.

“The Akuity team’s background as part of a larger tech organization gives us confidence that they understand what enterprises need around features, security and compliance.”, Back continued.

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