Malwarebytes enhances OneView platform to improve protection for SMB customers

Malwarebytes has expanded its OneView platform capabilities as well as grow the company’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. In addition to endpoint security, MSPs can now access vulnerability assessment, patch management and Domain Name System (DNS) filtering from Malwarebytes OneView.

Malwarebytes OneView Platform MSP

“At Malwarebytes, we aim to serve the underserved, which is what our MSP partners are doing every day for SMBs,” said Brian Thomas, Vice President of Worldwide MSP & Channel Programs at Malwarebytes. “I joined Malwarebytes with ambitious plans that are coming to life through our amazing team and unwavering commitment to help both new and existing MSP partners keep their clients safe while catapulting their businesses to new heights.”

Delivering cybersecurity services and keeping customer environments free from malware requires a skilled team that can provide 24×7 coverage. Yet, many MSPs face constrained staff resources, skyrocketing costs and complexities of managing multiple solutions to uncover hidden threats. Today’s MSPs require streamlined and simplified solutions to help them keep pace.

The Malwarebytes OneView platform empowers MSPs to deliver endpoint security products that reduce customer malware infections and ransomware exposure. The platform allows security analysts of all skill levels to be effective from a centralized cloud-based console. With different levels of protection capabilities and threat prevention modules, MSPs can offer the right product or service to each customer, tailored to their specific needs.

This quarter, Malwarebytes has continued to build upon OneView, adding three new modules that simplify breach prevention within the same cloud interface MSPs already trust for detection and remediation:

  • Vulnerability and Patch Management, which enables MSPs to take control of their full patching process, helping ensure defenses are up to date across their clients’ environments.
  • DNS Filtering, which empowers organizations to regulate access to websites and other content on company-managed networks, which in turn reinforces the security of company data.
  • Vulnerability Assessment, which helps users understand exposure, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize actions to update defenses across device and server operating systems and a wide range of third-party applications.

“The continued expansion of the OneView platform empowers us to help our customers with enhanced protection modules and expert support, reducing investments in time and resources needed to protect their organizations against increasingly complex vulnerabilities,” said Daniel Mitchell, CEO of Alt-Tech.

“Our partnership with Malwarebytes means stronger and simpler protection for our SMB customers, helping them successfully navigate potential threats.”, Mitchell continued.

Malwarebytes’ initial MSP Program and OneView showed significant traction, resulting in over 250% YOY growth, with more than 2,700 new global MSP partners and strategic partnerships with Addigy, Atera, ConnectWise, Datto, GCN Group, Kaseya, Sherweb, TeamViewer and regional partner Soft Solutions.

Based on business demand and future growth projections, Malwarebytes added more than 30 employees in the last six months across the MSP team, including Nadia Karatsoreos who is dedicated to empowering MSPs to profitably grow their businesses. The company plans to continue expanding the MSP Program with further product innovation as well as additional resources and training.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Malwarebytes team during this pivotal time,” said Nadia Karatsoreos, Senior MSP Growth Strategist at Malwarebytes.

“MSPs have been tasked with keeping their clients safe from cyber threats which is not an easy feat. They not only need the tools but also a supportive vendor so they can confidently sell and serve their customers. I’m so excited that I get to continue to help MSPs grow their businesses.”, Karatsoreos continued.

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