Tackling the weaknesses of smart buildings’ technology

Like any other innovation, the integration of IoT technology in smart buildings will bring benefits as well as more and newer risks. The market for smart building technologies continues to grow at even faster rates. By 2020, 1.7B connected devices have already been deployed and used globally, and this number is expected to grow to over 3B by 2024.

97% of these IoT technologies and devices are vulnerable to medium and high-level potential cyber risks, and cyberattacks have already harmed several businesses, including critical infrastructure. To continue enjoying the benefits of smart buildings, we need to find ways to safeguard both the company’s IT systems as well as its mission critical infrastructure.

In this Help Net Security video, Alex Chan, Director of Enterprise Security, Buildings Segments at Schneider Electric, discusses the major potential weaknesses of smart buildings’ technology and what we can do enhance the protection of these building systems.

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