Microsoft Teams: A channel for sensitive business information sharing that needs better backup

Hornetsecurity has found an urgent need for greater backup for Microsoft Teams with 45% of users sending confidential and critical information frequently via the platform.

Microsoft Teams backup

Research commissioned by the company highlights the often-overlooked need for Teams backup and security, as internal business communications over chat are on the rise, reaching the same levels as communication via email.

Users sharing confidential and sensitive information via Teams

Teams User Chat (direct) messaging is the preferred form of business communication over Teams Channel Conversations for 90% of respondents, and more than 41% of people send a minimum of 10 User Chat messages a day. 26% of all messages are written in Teams Group Channel Conversations, showing communication is unevenly spread across the platform.

45% of respondents frequently share confidential and sensitive information via Teams with 51% often sending business-critical documents and data. Users tend to send such information more when they use personal devices; 51% of those on a personal device send restricted and confidential data, compared to 29% of people on a work device.

It’s easy to make mistakes

The survey also found that 48% of all respondents sent messages on Teams they should not have. Of this group, 88% had been trained in the use of collaboration solutions, highlighting the need for increased and improved training on how to use Teams and the risks of sending sensitive data.

Urgent need for companies to scrutinize Microsoft Teams backup, security, and training

56% of respondents see employee training and awareness as the primary approach to reducing cybersecurity risks. However, with 89% of respondents writing more User Chat messages than Group Channel Conversations, it is important to use a backup solution that protects all collaborative features on Teams.

Hornetsecurity’s CEO Daniel Hofmann said, “The increasing use of chat services has changed the way many now conduct work. With this change, the risk of data loss has unfortunately increased. Companies must have adequate safeguards in place to protect and secure business data. Otherwise, they run the risk of productivity, financial and data loss.

“This is because Microsoft does not provide robust protection of data shared via Teams – so beyond the cybersecurity vulnerabilities, organizations must ensure information and files shared across the platform are backed up in a secure, responsible way.“

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