Cost-effective steps healthcare CISOs can take to mitigate damaging attacks

Cybersecurity measures are increasingly failing to close gaps, and the healthcare industry, in particular, has become a high-dollar target due to limited budgets and quick ransom pay-offs.

In this Help Net Security video, Maureen Kaplan, Chief Revenue Officer at SilverSky, discusses how attackers are now narrowing their focus from larger healthcare systems to smaller hospitals and specialty clinics to more easily retrieve patient data and use it for launching fraud and identity theft.

Due to the massive deficit of cyber defenses and limited security budgets of the healthcare industry, attackers have shifted their points of entry to systemic technology like EMR systems to wreak as much havoc as possible while demanding ransom.

Kaplan talks about the steps health IT leaders can take for a more cost-effective approach to safeguarding patient and employee data.

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