Strata Identity unveils new Microsoft identity and security services

Strata Identity has unveiled that its Maverics multi-cloud identity orchestration platform provides native integrations for all premium Microsoft Entra identity and access management solutions.

Maverics enables organizations, without making any code changes, to modernize their applications with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and extend identities and policies in Azure AD to other cloud platforms.

“Strata’s approach to delivering identity services at run time through orchestration has introduced a paradigm shift that enables seamless integration of any identity tool and service regardless of whether they are on-premises or in multi-cloud environments,” said Jack Poller, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

“This integration with Microsoft Entra is further proof that the Maverics platform enables organizations to modernize their identity systems for the cloud without incurring massive development projects to refactor applications.”, Poller continued.

Maverics provides integrations that extend Microsoft Identity and Security services across multi-clouds in several important areas including Microsoft Azure AD, InTune, Risky User, Microsoft Authenticator, and Verified Credentials.

Maverics provides modernization from legacy identity systems and ADFS to Azure AD with a no-code approach that has enabled several Fortune 100 companies to modernize hundreds of their applications without rewriting them.

In addition, Maverics seamlessly integrates Entra identity services that can be activated in any application now or in the future. Finally, Maverics allows Azure AD identities and policies to be extended and consumed by other cloud platforms, like AWS, GCP, and others.

“Microsoft Entra is a powerful set of identity management services that address the evolving needs of organizations as they modernize and migrate their applications to the cloud,” said Eric Olden, CEO of Strata Identity.

“With Maverics, we not only enable Microsoft customers to deploy Entra without making any modifications to their applications, but they can also use Azure AD as their defacto identity management system across multi-clouds.”, Olden continued.

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