Red Vector and Microsoft join forces to help organizations mitigate security risks

Red Vector and Microsoft have unveiled the integration of Fulcrum and Azure Active Directory to help organizations mitigate security risks.

Red Vector’s customers can now add risky users identified by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), now part of the Microsoft Entra product family, in addition to hundreds of other insider risk indicators available through the Fulcrum platform.

The Fulcrum platform assesses individuals’ trust/risk level based on a broad set of contextual, human behavioral, and information technology activities using internal enterprise and external data sources.

It empowers insider risk analysts with automation and risk modeling that improves the proactively identifying malicious employees and contractors within the organization.

Fulcrum integrates with the Microsoft Graph API riskyUsers. This list of risky users is based on various signals and machine learning used by Azure AD. Risks indicative of compromised user accounts and abnormal user log-on activity are identified with a risk level of low to high.

After ingestion and storage of these risky users, Fulcrum correlates these risks across a broad set of indicators forming a holistic consolidated view of an individual’s risk.

Other data sources of information used by Fulcrum include poor performance, disciplinary actions, employee access to critical assets, life stressors, and data from other cyber security monitoring applications. This complete picture provides a highly accurate “single pane of glass” insider threat mitigation solution.

Fulcrum’s integration with Azure AD through the Microsoft Graph API is a first step in supporting an organization’s zero-trust strategy and architecture using risky user behavior related to sign-ins.

“At RED VECTOR, we aim to increase organizational security by implementing Holistic Insider Risk Management Programs which leverage Azure AD user and entity risk analytics,” said Stephen Layne, CEO of RED VECTOR.

“Our bi-directional risk signaling, and HIRM scoring, deliver a new and powerful set of protection capabilities not available until today.”, Layne continued.

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