CYE appoints Ira Winkler as Field CISO

CYE announced its appointment of Ira Winkler as Field CISO, alongside the expansion of its rapidly growing sales team.

Ira joins CYE to bolster its operations in the US as the company continues to expand during a period of hyper growth. He will focus on identifying cybersecurity needs from the clients’ perspective which consist of global enterprises, and will be designing tailored solutions accordingly.

Ira Winkler is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert who has worked to secure large names, such as Walmart, as its Chief Security Architect. He has received many prestigious industry awards, including the Hall of Fame award from the Information Systems Security Association, as well as several others.

Ira keynotes events worldwide, and is frequently rated as a top-rated speaker. He has authored more than seven bestselling titles on cybersecurity and intelligence, with his most recent work titled, You Can Stop Stupid, Security Awareness for Dummies and Advanced Persistent Security. He is known in the industry for performing espionage simulations and developing cost-effective security programs.

Ira will help drive the adoption of Hyver, CYE’s unique platform that delivers business insights and optimizes the reduction of cyber exposure by analyzing contextual security data over the organizational risk profile. Hyver provides clear decision-making parameters for decision makers who can see the numbers and make decisions based on risk appetite, budget, etc.

“I have been advocating for decades that organizations should have risk-based cybersecurity programs, and until now, it has been impossible. Having been a CISO myself and knowing the role from the inside, it’s gratifying to have found a solution in Hyver that accurately determines risk and helps organizations optimize their risk by creating security programs that determine the most valuable vulnerabilities to mitigate and therefore, make the best use of limited funds. It’s a tool that hardworking CISOs deserve,” said Ira Winkler. “While I have worked with some outstanding people over my career, I am excited to again be working with nation-state level talent in the defense industry at CYE.”

Additionally, the business team that Ira is joining is led by Steve Midgley, Chief Revenue Officer, who brings with him over 30 years of experience in global go-to-market strategy in technology. Steve’s team will focus on the full range of services and products CYE provides for enterprises through its holistic cybersecurity offering.

“I look forward to working closely with Ira as we share CYE’s vision and exceptionally high-quality service offering. He brings with him priceless years of experience and insight in the cybersecurity industry and will be a driving force in reaching companies that need CYE’s services,” said Steve Midgley, CRO at CYE.

“As the market demand for SaaS cybersecurity solutions continues to grow, we welcome Ira Winkler to CYE. As one of the most influential security professionals in the industry, he will be a significant addition to our team and we look forward to growing together,” said Reuven Aronashvili, founder and CEO at CYE.

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