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Stop panic buying your security products and start prioritizing

As 2024 is rounding the corner, many companies are making a fresh start with a new cybersecurity budget. But with the growing number of cyberattacks and their increasingly …

Infosecurity Europe 2023
Infosecurity Europe 2023 video walkthrough

Infosecurity Europe 2023 is taking place in London this week, and this video provides a closer look at this year’s event.

CYE Hyver enhancements empower organizations with real-time risk analysis module

CYE announced a new capability in its Hyver platform that calculates dynamic risk in real-time. Hyver sets a new standard for the industry that will allow CISOs to take …

How to succeed in cyber crisis management and avoid a Tower of Babel

Although cyberattacks have become more common, handling them remains extremely challenging for organizations. Even if things go well on the technical level, incident response …

CYE partners with ISG to lower the risk of cyber threats across a wide array of industries

CYE has unveiled a new partnership with ISG to enable companies to deliver true cyber risk quantification, while increasing their cyber maturity. CISOs today feel pressure …

CYE appoints Ira Winkler as Field CISO

CYE announced its appointment of Ira Winkler as Field CISO, alongside the expansion of its rapidly growing sales team. Ira joins CYE to bolster its operations in the US as the …

Cyber Week 2022
Photos: Cyber Week 2022

Cyber Week is a large annual international cybersecurity event, hosted each year at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Cyber Week 2022 is held jointly by the Blavatnik …

Big salaries alone are not enough to hire good cybersecurity talent: What else can companies do?

Amid the severe and ongoing cyber skills shortages, both cybersecurity firms and in-house IT and cybersecurity departments are struggling to hire enough talented and qualified …

To avoid cyberattacks, companies need to think like hackers

Companies are spending more than ever on cybersecurity but, despite a plethora of new security systems, they continue to be vulnerable to attacks, which are not only becoming …

To identify cybersecurity vendor sustainability, start with the fundamentals

With $3.7 billion raised in cybersecurity funding so far this year, 2021 is on track to overcome last year’s record $7.8 billion total. Many of these companies have very high …

CYE launches HyverLight, a cybersecurity optimization platform for SMEs

CYE announced the launch of its new cloud-based cybersecurity optimization platform, HyverLight, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, CYE has partnered …

CYE expends its Advisory Board with new appointments

CYE announced the addition of Franck Cohen, Ann Johnson, John Negron and Petter Weiderholm to its Advisory Board. The new members bring decades of leadership experience in the …

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