LambdaTest and Microsoft collaborate to reduce interrupts in developer workflows

LambdaTest has collaborated with Microsoft on various fronts to enable developers to reduce interrupts, thereby helping businesses to go-to-market quickly. The collaboration spans across deep-tech integrations, certification courses, and exclusive offers to Microsoft customers.

LambdaTest’s smart test orchestration platform HyperExecute, integrated with Azure, has been integrated with Azure DevOps, and GitHub Actions to enable seamless testing for Microsoft enterprise customers.

Users can now trigger test orchestration on HyperExecute without making any changes to the CI/CD setup on Azure DevOps. Also, they can simplify the workflow and smartly automate test execution on HyperExecute using Azure Pipelines.

Also, HyperExecute’s integration with GitHub Actions streamlines monitoring and managing all bugs in one place. Users can log bugs in the GitHub repo directly from LambdaTest’s HyperExecute, just with the push of a button. This results in easy deployment of code and reliable delivery.

With these integrations set up, developers and testers will experience an interruption-less environment when they commit code, and enterprises will be able to achieve a quicker go-to-market.

Additionally, Playwright users can now run scripts in a scalable and secure environment on the HyperExecute Playwright testing cloud. Enterprises can also speed up developer feedback and release velocity by reducing test triage cycle time. HyperExecute’s reliable and secure infrastructure seamlessly integrates with the existing stack to give enterprises a flake-free testing experience.

LambdaTest has also launched two Playwright certification courses (Playwright 101 for beginners and Playwright 102 for advanced users) to help developers/testers get up to speed with the framework.

“Developers and testers struggle day-in and day-out as they have to jump between multiple tools and platforms to carry out their testing leading to a lot of friction and interrupts. HyperExecute’s integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions will streamline the entire flow thereby enabling developers and testers to concentrate on what they do best,” said Maneesh Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, LambdaTest.

“With HyperExecute, Playwright users can seamlessly run their scripts and experience faster test execution and, in turn, quicker go-to-market. Also, our deeply researched certification courses will help users to up their game.”, Sharma continued.

Microsoft Enterprise clients who use either Playwright, GitHub Actions, or Azure DevOps can sign up for a limited period offer and get free access to 3 parallel sessions of HyperExecute.

“At Microsoft Ignite, where we were an exhibitor and featured partner, we had thought-provoking conversations and met like-minded businesses. It was a truly enriching experience,” said Maneesh Sharma.

“At Microsoft, delivering a seamless developer experience is top of mind, and the Microsoft Cloud stack brings an incredible platform for developers to use and build apps and solutions. HyperExecute’s integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions is a great way to bring agility and productivity to developers and testers, while also providing the necessary training materials to make the best use of this offering,” said Venkat Krishnan, Executive Director, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft India.

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