CyberData Pros and RiskRecon launch global cybersecurity protection for businesses

CyberData Pros collaborates with RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, to provide threat prevention services for clients worldwide.

Specializing in data security, compliance, consulting and due diligence, CDP analysts provide solution-oriented awareness and implementation routes to improve and eliminate security risks for clients.

RiskRecon is a SaaS platform that analyzes a company’s internet-facing assets for cyber risks. RiskRecon cybersecurity ratings and insights make it easy for a company to understand and act based on the risks found within the company’s vendor portfolio and their own IT infrastructure. Automated risk assessments are produced in alignment with the company’s risk appetite allowing companies to manage risks while pursuing company objectives.

“We’re excited to be partnered with RiskRecon to provide additional risk insight metrics to our client base,” CyberData Pros CEO Chris Arrendale said. “As a key services partner of RiskRecon, we look forward to analyzing multiple data points that we have never had access to before. With the combination of the best risk insights from RiskRecon and world class service offerings from CyberData Pros, this is a win-win for companies around the world.”

After being assessed by RiskRecon, these companies can consult with CyberData Pros to implement an action plan for eliminating found cybersecurity risks. Together, CyberData Pros and RiskRecon create a dynamic, client-centered duo that reduces cybersecurity threat, and brings forward risk awareness for organizations internationally.

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