Lack of key domain security measures leaves organizations at risk

In this Help Net Security video, Ihab Shraim, CTO at CSC, talks about how 75% of the Forbes Global 2000 are exposing themselves to significant enterprise risks as third parties maliciously register their brands, and they fail to implement key domain security measures.

A few key takeaways from the CSC report:

  • Of the Global 2000, 137 companies had a domain security score of “0”, meaning they did not deploy any of the recommended security measures, increasing risks for various attacks that ultimately lead to revenue loss and diminished brand reputation.
  • DMARC is the only domain security measure with significantly increased adoption; Since 2020 DMARC adoption has increased by 23 percentage points which is no surprise given all the news about phishing attacks – including their increase in volume and complexity.
  • Less than 5% of companies are implementing other proactive domain security measures – inaction in the face of a rapidly changing cyber insurance marketplace where the underwriting and requirements will impact how companies qualify for future coverage.
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