The cybersecurity landscape in the era of economic instability

Economic uncertainty is squeezing organizations globally. Gartner predicts nearly half of cybersecurity leaders will change jobs by 2025. These findings are alarming but undoubtedly unsurprising in today’s IT landscape.

In this Help Net Security video, Denis Dorval, VP of International at JumpCloud, discusses how the responsibility of cybersecurity can no longer be placed on the shoulders of IT admins alone.

Experts have long been advising that cybersecurity must be an organization-wide priority built into the culture and workflow of every user. Yet, most employees said they would be willing to bypass cybersecurity guidance if it helped them or their team to achieve a business objective.

Finding the balance between security and ease of working is the key to mitigating the security risks that employees present to a business, directly easing the pressure of IT teams.

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