Cloudflare integrates with Atlassian, Microsoft, and Sumo Logic to boost zero trust security

Cloudflare announced new integrations with Atlassian, Microsoft, and Sumo Logic to help businesses of any size secure the tools and applications they rely on with enterprise-ready zero trust security.

Now businesses will be able to use security insights from the Cloudflare One SASE platform across Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira Software products, to protect classified and labeled data by integrating with Microsoft Sensitivity Labels, and to accelerate threat detection and investigation in Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM – all in just a few clicks.

“Today’s CISOs are tasked with securing a complex matrix of applications, tools, and devices that inherently require a Zero Trust approach. That’s why we continue to expand Cloudflare One to make it as seamless as possible, wherever they are in their security journey,” said Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare. “We want to make it as easy as clicking a button for companies to bring Zero Trust security everywhere their business needs it.”

Today, the security landscape is filled with solutions that focus on specific, singular security challenges. Businesses are forced to integrate with dozens of offerings, making it harder to integrate zero trust security across all of a company’s websites, employee applications, and corporate networks.

As a result of these deeper integrations, companies can now embed zero trust security insights more deeply into more of the tools and applications their business and employees rely on. Since its launch in 2020, Cloudflare One has provided over 10,000 companies worldwide with a unified platform to protect their company and employees anywhere–eliminating the need to cope with dozens of disconnected problems.

With these new integrations, businesses can:

  • Protect popular tools employees use to collaborate: By integrating Cloudflare One with Atlassian’s collaboration tools – including Jira Software and Confluence – businesses can scan, detect, and surface security issues quickly to secure private, internal data.
  • Protect sensitive data using existing Microsoft labels: Now, Cloudflare One customers can sync their Microsoft Information Protection labels to create policies that enable them to detect, monitor, or block the movement of sensitive corporate data using Cloudflare Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  • Give security teams more precise and actionable security insights: With the expansion of support for automated normalization and correlation of zero trust logs for Logpush in Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM, available as out-of-the-box parsers, customers can now reduce alert fatigue tied to Zero Trust logs and accelerate the triage process for security analysts by converging security and network data into high-fidelity insights.

“Preventing data breaches is a critical business need in today’s threat landscape. Categorizing your sensitive data and ensuring it doesn’t leave the enterprise are the two sides of data security,” said Hammad Rajjoub, Director, Product Marketing, Data Security, Compliance and Privacy Ecosystem at Microsoft. “Cloudflare has built integration with Microsoft Purview Information Protection to make this process seamless, providing CIO teams proactive security with in-depth defense and higher automation to deal with the changes around how we work.”

“As a long time Cloudflare partner, we’ve worked together to help joint customers analyze events and trends from their websites and applications to provide end-to-end visibility and improve digital experiences,” said John Coyle, VP of Business Development at Sumo Logic. “We’re excited to expand this partnership to provide real-time insights into the Zero Trust security posture of mutual customers in Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM.”

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