Endace collaborates with Niagara Networks to accelerate response to network threats

Endace and Niagara Networks announced a partnership that combines Endace’s scalable, always-on packet capture with Niagara Networks’ complete visibility solutions.

The combination of the two technologies gives NetOps and SecOps teams the confidence to investigate and resolve even the most complex incidents in physical and cloud environments.

Niagara Networks’ TAP and packet broker solutions aggregate network traffic and enhance workflow solutions, delivering real-time, end-to-end network visibility. The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform accurately records weeks or months of network traffic, providing one-click access to granular packet data for deep forensic analysis.

When enterprises connect Niagara Networks’ packet broker and TAP products to EndaceProbes, traffic can be quickly and easily aggregated, filtered, deduplicated, decrypted, and delivered to EndaceProbes for recording, inspection, and analysis. EndaceProbe’s Pivot-to-Vision API allows powerful, forensic analysis at microsecond detail, fast-tracking threat resolution.

“Teaming Endace’s continuous packet capture with Niagara Networks’ enterprise-wide visibility solutions gives organizations the power to eliminate blind spots in any network architecture and accelerate investigation and response to network threats,” said Yigal Amram, VP Global Sales and Business Development at Niagara Networks.

“Analysts can drill down from alerts or performance issues in their security and performance monitoring tools and in a single click, get to the relevant packet data in EndaceVision – and then review and extract the traffic from recorded network history,” said Cary Wright, VP Product for Endace. “By directing and processing traffic with Niagara Networks solutions before it is recorded by EndaceProbes, NetOps and SecOps teams gain full network visibility and access to the definitive evidence they need to respond to incidents faster, more accurately, and more confidently.”

Niagara Networks is the latest company to join Endace’s Fusion Partner Program. The program provides pre-built integrations of industry-leading solutions with EndaceProbe’s powerful API to deliver higher performance, easier integration and on-demand deployment to our customers.

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