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Endace collaborates with Niagara Networks to accelerate response to network threats

Endace and Niagara Networks announced a partnership that combines Endace’s scalable, always-on packet capture with Niagara Networks’ complete visibility solutions. The …

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Niagara Networks increase capacity of its threat detection security stack

Niagara Networks has unveiled that Niagara Networks’ 3808E multifunctional Hybrid Packet Broker solution introduces a full lineup of the 40G and 100G BiDi bypass …

security platform
Niagara Networks empowers security teams with deep network inspection visibility

Niagara Networks announced that Niagara Networks Next-Generation visibility platforms enhance simplify the deployment of Network Defense and Response (NDR) solutions with deep …

Rethinking SIEM requires rethinking visibility

Security professionals now generally recognize that siloed security tools and systems have undercut efforts to find active attacks more quickly and efficiently. Information …

Private, unlicensed 5G mobile network adoption may intensify NetOps and SecOps challenges

While 5G sometimes seems like the panacea for just about everything, it will likely intensify the already common friction between NetOps and SecOps teams that will take part …

Marred by garbage: Striking a balance for security data

Security applications are subject to the age-old computing axiom of “garbage in, garbage out.” To work effectively, they need the right data. Too much irrelevant data may …

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