1Kosmos integrates with ForgeRock to add biometric passwordless authentication to apps

1Kosmos has unveiled the integration of 1Kosmos BlockID with ForgeRock Access Manager which enables customers to modernize the onboarding experience for users and implement identity-based passwordless authentication on all ForgeRock protected applications with the click of a mouse.

ForgeRock customers that want to reduce friction associated with onboarding and authentication can now seamlessly integrate BlockID into all their user journeys for employees and customers without any coding.

Available on the ForgeRock MarketPlace, BlockID Passwordless Authentication enables developers, via a simple drop down menu, to add biometric and passwordless authentication to any application protected by ForgeRock Access Manager.

“For customers using single sign-on platforms like ForgeRock, modernizing user journeys with advanced biometrics for onboarding and passwordless authentication used to require significant application development,” said Javed Shah, SVP of product management for 1Kosmos.

“This integration enables organizations to add identity verification and passwordless to ForgeRock protected applications with just a few simple mouse clicks,” Shah continued.

BlockID also provides organizations with secure, automated employee onboarding with self service identity proofing and passwordless access to corporate applications, data and resources.

Passwordless login is achieved by scanning a QR code rendered by the 1Kosmos BlockID platform, performing biometric authentication (FaceID, LiveID which requires a blink or smile) on the BlockID Mobile App and providing user consent.

The 1Kosmos integration with ForgeRock Access Manager provides customers:

  • A better user experience for customer and workforce use cases
  • Multi-factor, frictionless access to the ForgeRock Access Manager console for administrators
  • Increased security
  • Reduced password reset costs

In addition, the integration of 1Kosmos BlockID with ForgeRock enables organizations to implement a zero-trust security model by verifying with certainty the identity of individuals accessing ForgeRock protected consumer, corporate and government systems, applications and data.

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