Week in review: Fileless attacks increase 1,400%, consumers ditch brands hit by ransomware

Week in review

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos:

Island Enterprise Browser: Intelligent security built into the browsing session
In this Help Net Security interview, Mike Fey, CEO of Island, explains the differences between consumer browsers and the Island Enterprise Browser, how it protects organizations’ data, and how it uses contextual information to provide users with a safe browsing experience.

Promoting responsible AI: Balancing innovation and regulation
In this Help Net Security interview, Nadir Izrael, co-founder & CTO of Armis, discusses the global efforts and variations in promoting responsible AI, as well as the necessary measures to ensure responsible AI innovation in the United States.

July 2023 Patch Tuesday forecast: A month of instability and uncertainty
There have been many reports in the news throughout June regarding issues caused by the Microsoft June releases as well as issues within Microsoft software and services that have resulted in instability.

How to cultivate a culture of continuous cybersecurity improvement
Regulatory compliance and cybersecurity improvement are not two sides of the same coin: they are distinct pillars that demand specialized attention. Achieving compliance does not create an impenetrable fortress against threats, it merely creates a baseline defense.

The rise in cyber extortion attacks and its impact on business security
In this Help Net Security video, Charl van der Walt, Head of Security Research at Orange Cyberdefense, discusses cyber extortion attacks and their expansion to new regions.

75% of consumers prepared to ditch brands hit by ransomware
As 40% of consumers harbor skepticism regarding organizations’ data protection capabilities, 75% would shift to alternate companies following a ransomware attack, according to Object First.

How ransomware impacts the healthcare industry
In this Help Net Security video, Steve Gwizdala, VP of Healthcare at ForgeRock, discusses how vigilance and new ways of enhancing cybersecurity measures will be crucial to healthcare organizations and businesses responsible for protecting consumers’ online information – across the entire supply chain.

Fileless attacks increase 1,400%
Aggregated honeypot data, over a six-month period, showed that more than 50% of the attacks focused on defense evasion, according to Aqua Security.

One third of security breaches go unnoticed by security professionals
While surface-level confidence around hybrid cloud security is high, with 94% of global respondents stating their security tools and processes provide them with complete visibility and insights into their IT infrastructure, the reality is nearly one third of security breaches aren’t spotted by IT and security professionals, according to Gigamon.

Cybercriminals can break voice authentication with 99% success rate
Computer scientists at the University of Waterloo have discovered a method of attack that can successfully bypass voice authentication security systems with up to a 99% success rate after only six tries.

Small organizations face security threats on a limited budget
Small organizations face the same security threats as organizations overall but have less resources to address them, according to Netwrix.

Short-staffed teams must find ways to do more with less
As more businesses experience resource and cost constraints, 86% of MSPs and MSSPs customers are outsourcing their security needs to consolidate security tools, according to OpenText.

IT leaders believe hybrid cloud solutions are the future of IT
IT leaders are losing sleep over improving overall IT performance (60%), data security (50%), process risk and compliance (46%), and the need to improve agility (41%), according to Rocket Software.

53% of SaaS licenses remain unused
Enterprise leaders in procurement, IT, and finance need to take immediate action to rationalize their SaaS portfolios to prevent spending and governance challenges from spiraling out of control, according to Productiv.

Infosec products of the month: June 2023
Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past month, featuring releases from: 1Password, Bitdefender, Cequence Security, ConnectSecure, Cymulate, Cytracom, Datadog, Delinea, Edgescan, Enveedo, ESET, Index Engines, Island, iStorage, Lacework, NetApp, Netscout, Netskope, NinjaOne, Okta, Permit.io, PingSafe, Quantinuum, Seceon, and Zilla Security.

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