AU10TIX app automates identity and age verification for businesses

AU10TIX launched the AU10TIX app, empowering customer-facing businesses with automated, in-person and point of sale (POS) identity and age verification capabilities.

The app enables companies to securely verify IDs in the field within 4-8 seconds, enhancing the customer experience and accelerating sales.

For industries where access control is crucial, manual ID examination is insufficient for effectively detecting sophisticated fake IDs. This poses significant challenges and potential liabilities for businesses, as even trained professionals struggle to distinguish highly realistic fraudulent IDs without investing considerable time and effort.

The AU10TIX app provides the ability to rapidly verify age and ID documents from around the world. It also incorporates biometric checks and advanced AI and machine learning technology to eliminate identity fraud risk.

Each business can define its own process based on its specific needs. The plug-and-play app requires no setup, is user-friendly, and can be customized or branded to meet specific business requirements. Its advanced fraud detection capabilities also ensure compliance with KYC regulations.

“We understand the importance of seamless access control, and are committed to helping our customers keep their business moving. The AU10TIX app enables employees to verify anyone, anywhere, at any time — in a matter of seconds,” said Dan Yerushalmi, CEO of AU10TIX. “Organizations no longer need to worry about human error in the ID verification process.”

The AU10TIX app is designed to support multiple customer-facing industries, including:

  • Casinos: Prevent underaged and blacklisted players from gaining access.
  • Sporting events: Combat illegal ticket resale by scalpers and stop minors from purchasing alcohol.
  • Hospitality: Enhance guest safety and security by efficiently identifying guests during check-in.
  • Pharma and healthcare: Strengthen patient verification, safeguard medication dispensing, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Education: Verify student identities, prevent enrollment fraud, and ensure a secure online learning environment.
  • Travel: Verify traveler identities, prevent unauthorized access, and enhance security.
  • Delivery: Authenticate customer identities, prevent package theft, and ensure secure and reliable deliveries.


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