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AU10TIX Risk Assessment Model identifies potential vulnerabilities

AU10TIX launched a free Risk Assessment Model that enables businesses to conduct an initial assessment of their exposure to operational, security and identity fraud risk. …

AU10TIX’s Digital ID suite identifies potentially fraudulent activities

AU10TIX announced the expansion of its Digital ID solution, which enables businesses to securely verify IDs of all types, including physical, digital, eID, verifiable …

AU10TIX KYB solution validates info against global registries and jurisdictions

AU10TIX launched an Know Your Business (KYB) solution that enables companies to know exactly who they are doing business with and avoid potential financial and reputational …

Generative AI merges with intelligent malware, threat level rises

There has been a 44% increase in organized ID fraud in North America compared to preceding quarters, according to AU10TIX. This upsurge is believed to be driven by the ongoing …

AU10TIX app automates identity and age verification for businesses

AU10TIX launched the AU10TIX app, empowering customer-facing businesses with automated, in-person and point of sale (POS) identity and age verification capabilities. The app …

AU10TIX partners with Microsoft on decentralized verifiable credentials

AU10TIX has unveiled that it is working with Microsoft on Reusable ID – a verifiable credentials (VC) architecture for identity management. VCs are reusable, unalterable …

security platform
AU10TIX expands its INSTINCT platform to stop deepfakes and swarm attacks

AU10TIX announced expanded capabilities to strengthen fraud mitigation defense through its fraud intelligence platform, INSTINCT. INSTINCT, which uses traffic-level …

ONE ZERO Digital Bank selects AU10TIX to power its customer verification system and KYC process

ONE ZERO Digital Bank announced it has chosen AU10TIX to power its customer verification system and KYC (Know Your Customer) platform. The Bank of Israel, Israel’s …

fraud detection
How to conquer synthetic identity fraud

“No single organization can stop synthetic identity fraud on its own,” reports The Federal Reserve. “Fraudster tactics continually evolve to stay a step ahead of detection—and …

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