ConcealSherpaAI identifies potentially harmful webpages

Conceal introduced the ConcealSherpaAI engine, a secure browser extension powered by AI to identify potentially harmful webpages autonomously.

By examining and evaluating metadata signals on a webpage, ConcealSherpaAI determines whether to quarantine, block, or permit access. The embedded artificial intelligence adjusts the weights of these signals while identifying new ones, allowing it to keep pace with threat actors who continually revise their tactics to evade standard security solutions.

ConcealSherpaAI’s learning model continually adds signals as it identifies them, utilizing AI not only to recognize a compromise but also to understand how threat actors’ tactics are changing and to adjust decisions accordingly. The consistent flow of feedback from users, admins, and threat feeds will not only expedite learning but validate it in real-time.

A key feature of ConcealSherpaAI is its ability to address preload switching, a countermeasure employed by attackers to bypass page checks. This capability allows the solution to stay ahead of malicious actors, ensuring optimal user protection.

“Unlike other forms of preventive endpoint protection, ConcealSherpaAI’s engine preempts suspicious sites while allowing benign URLs to open with zero latency, offering next-level protection for end-users without disrupting their daily workflow,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal.

“The ConcealSherpaAI engine is not dependent on traditional threat feeds but continually gets smarter through Conceal’s organic threat analysis and our expanding customer base. ConcealBrowse powered by ConcealSherpaAI operates across all endpoint applications, not just email, and provides comprehensive protection from novel malware without affecting critical applications. Moreover, we continue to rapidly expand our ecosystem of security tool integrations for Conceal telemetry to be an additive force multiplier within any organization’s security architecture,” added Lawson.

“Having been recognized as the Specialist Security Reseller of the Year for the last few years, we pride ourselves in seeking the best solutions and architectural strategies for our customers to make them more secure,” said Jonathan Lassman, Director of NGS UK.

“ConcealBrowse, powered by the ConcealSherpaAI engine, is a game changer for our clients, as we have found that current technologies protecting users from Phishing Attacks are not 100% effective and never will be. By deploying ConcealBrowse, we are taking the pressure off the user not to click malicious links or give away credentials because now they are protected even if they do. Conceal’s lightweight deployment, affordability, and seamless integration with the Microsoft security stack allow our clients to leverage current investments while dramatically improving their overall cyber resilience,” concluded Lassman.

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