What to know about FedRAMP Rev. 5 Baselines

In this Help Net Security video, Kaus Phaltankar, CEO at Caveonix, discusses how the recent approval of the FedRAMP Rev. 5 Baselines is a significant step forward in the cloud security and compliance domain.

The implications for CSPs and third-party assessment organizations include:

Continuous monitoring: FedRAMP Rev 5 emphasizes automation and continuous monitoring of CSPs. It requires regular assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls and risk management practices. This shift encourages a proactive approach, allowing agencies to identify and mitigate security risks in real-time.

Authorization boundary: The new revision provides more clarity on defining the authorization boundary of cloud systems. It addresses potential ambiguities that could arise during the system boundary scoping process, enabling better understanding and assessment of system components and their interdependencies.

Integrated inventory: It introduces an integrated inventory approach to ensure comprehensive visibility into all authorized cloud services. It requires CSPs to maintain an inventory of all systems and components to facilitate effective security management and accurate risk assessments.

Threat model: It emphasizes including a threat model during system development and throughout the system’s operational life cycle. This proactive approach enables CSPs and federal agencies to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, allowing them to implement appropriate security controls and incident response plans.

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