8 open-source OSINT tools you should try

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to gathering, assessing, and interpreting public information to address specific intelligence queries. All the tools listed here are available for free.

OSINT tools


The OWASP Amass project performs network mapping of attack surfaces and external asset discovery using open-source information gathering and active reconnaissance techniques.


Osmedeus is a workflow engine for offensive security that allows you to build and run a reconnaissance system on a wide range of targets, including domains, URLs, CIDRs, and GitHub repositories. It was designed to establish a strong foundation and can adapt and function automatically to perform reconnaissance tasks.


PhoneInfoga is an advanced tool to scan international phone numbers. It allows you to gather basic information such as country, area, carrier, and line type, then use various techniques to find the VoIP provider or identify the owner. It works with a collection of scanners that must be configured for the tool to be effective.


Sherlock allows you to search social media accounts by username across social networks.


Shodan is a search engine for Internet-connected devices. Discover how internet intelligence can help you make better decisions. The entire Shodan platform (crawling, IP lookups, searching, and data streaming) is available to developers. Use their API to understand whether users connect from a VPN, whether the website you’re visiting has been compromised, and more.

Social Analyzer

Social Analyzer is an API, CLI, and web app for analyzing and finding a person’s profile across social media and websites. It includes different analysis and detection modules; you can choose which modules to use during the investigation process. The analysis and public extracted information from this OSINT tool could help investigate profiles related to suspicious or malicious activities such as cyberbullying, cyber grooming, cyberstalking, and spreading misinformation.


SpiderFoot is an OSINT automation tool. It integrates with just about every data source available and utilizes a range of methods for data analysis, making that data easy to navigate. SpiderFoot has an embedded web-server for providing a clean and intuitive web-based interface but can also be used completely via the command-line.


theHarvester is a simple to use, yet powerful tool designed to be used during the reconnaissance stage of a red team assessment or penetration test. It performs OSINT gathering to help determine a domain’s external threat landscape. The tool gathers names, emails, IPs, subdomains, and URLs by using multiple public resources.

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