Cybellum joins M-ISAC Japan to improve medical device cybersecurity

Cybellum has joined Japan’s Medical Information Sharing and Analysis Center (M-ISAC Japan).

Cybellum’s membership in the organization will allow it to participate in research projects that can help shape the future of medical device cybersecurity. The Japanese government is committed to maintaining the highest cybersecurity standards, and this organization brings together nearly 200 member organizations that share information on real-time threats.

This shared intelligence can be used to create situational awareness, inform risk-based decision-making, and mitigate threats. By sharing information, M-ISAC Japan helps to increase the resilience of global healthcare and public health critical infrastructure.

The Product Security Platform by Cybellum empowers medical OEMs and suppliers to automatically and efficiently identify, handle, and reduce vulnerabilities on a large scale. Through this platform, product security teams can easily compile and manage SBOMs, validate compliance, and manage vulnerabilities in a unified manner.

As a result, medical OEMs and suppliers can swiftly adhere to medical cybersecurity regulations, significantly reducing risks with greater speed and effectiveness than ever before.

“As medical devices have become more complex and connected, they have become a new target for hackers,” said David Leichner, CMO of Cybellum.

“These hackers may seek to harm patients, damage brands, or make financial gain. Cybellum is committed to supporting medical product security efforts worldwide. Our partnership with M-ISAC will help us to share information and collaborate with other organizations in Japan to continue to protect patients and healthcare delivery organizations around the globe from cyberattacks,” Leichner concluded.

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